Am I the right person for a Boerboel?
Is a Boerboel the correct dog for me?

I am a Boerboel
Written by Jenny Wells 

I am a substantial dog driven by love and loyalty to my nearest and dearest.
I am an impressive figure of strength with my stature, musculature, bearing and demeanour.
I can be the most reliable and loving family companion and a thoroughly determined force of nature if they are threatened.
I can be a clown and I have a sense of humour.
I am smart, make sure you are smarter! I will make decisions if you don’t!
I was created in a school of hard knocks over generations on the farms in South Africa. I am tough, hardy, adaptable and can turn my paw to many uses and tasks.
I require love, attention, good food, guidance and proper accommodation – but most of all I require a responsible owner that will care for me and make time for me.
I don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time and I can be destructive when I get bored.
I am happiest when you are with me.
I eat a lot and my vet bills can be expensive.
I am generally contented but I do require regular exercise and mental stimulation.
I need training to show me how to behave in various situations and let me know how to please you. I respond very well and learn fast with kindness, consistency and food rewards! I don’t respond well to bullying, violence or rough handling.
I am sensitive to your needs and moods. I feel your stress.
I am protective of my family and those I consider my family, I will defend them to my last breath.
I am a Boerboel, you are my life, my love and my world. I am your guardian, your companion and your faithful friend until the last beat of my heart.
I am not just a Boerboel, I am your Boerboel.

A few thoughts...

A Boerboel needs a lot of time and attention.
Are you willing to make the necessary commitment to raising a well-adjusted and balanced dog? This can be more demanding and involve more time than a smaller breed.
Do you have time to take your dog for a walk on a daily basis? Can you set aside a couple of hours a day for training, play and socializing? It is especially important to keep a Boerboel mentally stimulated.
If you think that you would like to take your dog running or cycling with you on your daily training routine. I must disappoint you and say that this is not the right dog for you. It is not that they could not manage and may even enjoy it. However, the constant strain on the joints of such a big heavy dog can often lead to problems with their hips and elbows. If you a person that likes to go for long walks or hikes. Yes, perfect. Boerboels have a lot of stamina when going at a calm relaxed pace.

In Vienna, a Boerboel is considered a Bull Mastiff mixture and therefore falls under the listed dogs that must wear a muzzle at all times. When visiting please keep this in mind. We are also very reluctant to sell puppies to dog owners in Vienna for this reason.

Do you have space for a large dog, including a garden or secure space where the dogs have free access?

When training and teaching are you consistent? Do you have patience, without losing your temper? Do you have the necessary knowledge of dog behaviour to raise a large dog with protective instincts?

Are you responsible? Are you willing to pick up after your dog? This applies to all dog owners, please be respectful of others. Otherwise, you will be ruining it not only for yourself but all dog owners.
Many people are wary if not scared of big dogs, even if they have experience with dogs. Please take some consideration for others. Being a new breed in Austria we are trying to create a good image.

It is your on-going responsibility as an owner to ensure that your dog is kept safe, properly controlled and supervised in public, or when around children or people that the dog is unfamiliar with.