Luthando Boerboels

Breeding best quality South African Boerboels

Welcome to Luthando Boerboels

I am a South African, living and working in Austria and my Boerboels are my little piece of home.
Interestingly enough, we haven’t always owned Boerboels. My mother bred Labrador retrievers and my father was a dog trainer. Thus I grew up in a home surrounded by many dogs and have always felt that pets make a home.
I did however fall in love with the Boerboel breed once I got to know them, hence the name Luthando Boerboels. From Zulu, loosely translated as “Love Boerboels”.
The Boerboel is a relatively new breed in Austria and we hope to promote good healthy dogs of strong character and easy-going natures.
We take pride in breeding Boerboels of a very high standard, genetically and breed-specific. Very important for us however is personality and temperament, we use only the best dogs with the gentlest natures.
Boerboels are generally speaking big, friendly giants. We try our best to accentuate this aspect when selecting our dogs. Our dogs are loyal, compassionate and well socialized. Naturally one can make any dog aggressive with the right motivation, but these are not the dogs or dog owners that we are interested in working with or promoting.
We are registered SABBS (South African Boerboel Breeders Society) breeders, based in Burgenland, Austria.